@ACKSHUN202 ‘s SUICIDE ATTEMPT FAILS !!! @WLVSRadio Live May 4th 2012 ep 6

YOYODC.COM’s Ackshun starts off the show by telling us all about witnessing a failed Metro suicide attempt, his great phone conversation with Mr. Gates aka Dark Hater of Haterazzi.com, learning about how to treat GAYS & LESBIANS by watching HBO’s REAL SEX with his dad… and He even goes in on Who’s more fuckable: Sarah Palin vs. Newt Gingrich’s wife ! We end it all with funny news stories from Ms Smurfette.  On this podcast of our may 5th 2012 LIVE Friday show from WLVS Radio station Ackshun Jackson & Ms Smurfette bring you more of what you’ve come to expect including 3 exclusive freestyle’s by Shadowman Boogie !!!

KUDOS to VITAMIN WATER  for stopping by during the show and quenching our thirst with cases of their newest product. Support our show sponsors! @Acskhun202 suicide attempt FAILS<<< Right Click Mouse & Save As to Dload to your Computer

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*Best Buy Employee ‘OUTS’ Customer on FB
*DEA forgets about student in JAIL CELL
*Dentists pulls out ALL ex’s teeth
* BITCH bites a BITCH & her MOM
TOO fat to fly?
*Sanford & Sons bootlegging FRUIT WINE ???

Shadowman Boogie – “Chillin Freestyle”
Shadowman Boogie – “Lemonaid Freestyle”
Shadowman Boogie – “Blow the Whistle Freestyle”
Hood Internet – “Mama Said Knock You Out remix
Whitefolkz – “I LOVE DMV”
Paramore – “Use Somebody”

Mr. Gates AKA Dark Hater & Haterazzi.com ‘s show/website
HOOD INTERNET COMES TO BALTIMORE !!!! <<< Sohan & Alexa Manifest Party but they didn’t show up for the show!