AWESOMETIFIC is ULTRA’s art gallery at Fridge and HENSE’s painted church in SW DC

Don’t worry horn dogs Ms. Smurfette is back today and she admits she’s a lesbian ! Ackshun creates a new word “AWESOMETIFIC” & has a “incident” with an indignant newbie to DC dog walker bitch boy while on his AM bike ride to his son’s school. It ends in dog murder ! Then we talk about ULTRA & HENCE making DC beautiful thru art this weekend. We listen to new matombaton by DJ Funk and new rap song by Folkz. A little bit of Redskins / Nationals talk. We even listen to an Old School Hipstep Jungle Drum&Bass mixtape by Ackshun Jackson himself for 10 mins before a rack of sad shitty news.

Enjoy… now go out to ULTRA’S art exhibit at Fridge & Hense’s Painted Church in DC ! and vote for Obama and tell your friends to vote for Obama or he’s gonna kill Big Bird, Elmo, Grover, Bert and Ernie’s happy homosexual asses, and most importantley Oscar the Grouch… and all the kids on Sesame Street… FUCK THAT ! !!!

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Friday October 5th 2012 – Captured Live on Ustream at …But the audio podcast still kicks much ass !
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* Mitt Romney want to KILL Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch Elmo and all of Seseame Street !
* NY teens pay valets to store phones in food trucks during school days
* Mariah Carey Worried Nicki Minaj Will ‘Shoot’ Her
* Texas man threatened to kill schoolchildren and stream it live, police say
* Boy, 9, is ‘shot dead by another fourth grader in row over being named student of the week
* Lottery Winner Who Used Food Stamps Died Of Possible Drug Overdose

DJ Funk – Pussy Ride Mombatom Mix
Folkz (formally White) – Side Door
Ashley Skittles – Hot FaceBook Girl
Inc Well – Hail to the Redskins
Ackshun Jackson – American Gangster Junglist mixtape
the Beastie Boys – Hello Brooklyn – Ms. Smurfette’s News Theme
J Scrilla feat. K-Beta & Uptown XO – On the Reel
J Scrilla feat. Pete Green – YO! YO! DC;) Opening Theme
Naruto season 1 close – YO! YO! DC;) Closing Theme

ULTRA’s one man show “quiet walk in danger places” @ The Fridge (516 1/2 8th Street SE) DC
HENSE’s Painted Church @ 700 Delaware Ave SW Washington, DC 20024

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