Obama vs. Romney 2012 Election Special on SPEED ! pt 1 of 2

In YOYODC.COM ‘s first official Politics show we take a look into this years US Presidential election canidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Ackshun is solo today for the live show on Ripped Radio Network but holds it down talking about his views on this election then we hear about “the Government Flu” by Adam Kokesh host of Adam vs. The Man. We watch a very awsome animation where President Ronald Regan schools use all about fairness and Socialism. We had to break the video and audio show into 2 parts because of how long it ran so in pt. 2 we watch Obama & Romney ‘s DNC & RNC speeches on speed !

Enjoy… now go out and vote !!!

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Wednesday October 3rd 2012 – Captured Live on Ustream at ustream.tv/channel/yoyodc …But the audio podcast still kicks much ass !
yoyodcoct3rd2012liveshowpt1<<< click right mouse button and save as to save to computer or phone.

Carlos Omar Rojas – Tribute to Sexy Anime girl with Salas music ?
Public Enemy – Fight the Power

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