Chief Keef vs. Lupe Fiasco along with Dubsteppin Skateboarding Redskins

When a savage like Chief Keef threatens a great artist like Lupe Fiasco’s life you KNOW Ms. Smurfette and Ackshun Jackson will have somthing to say about it… We said so much this time however that Chief Keef had the video show taken off YOUTUBE…. Like that’d stop us ! Here’s the ep in full for your listening pleasure and the new Vimeo video will be in this post on YOYODC.COM as well.

We show off great skateboarding videos by DMV skateboarder/videophotographer Wayne Morrison as well as talk a lil Redskins and also about Bad Parenting as well.

Then we have Another rap music video battle ! South Africa’s Die Antwoord vs. DC’s own K-Beta as they both freestyle over old school rap beats.

Ms. Smurfette’s HATES her news music but disapointedly carries on and delivers this weeks rounds of terrible but true news stories and we once again try to help you all laugh through them.

Enjoy !

Watch this weeks video shows for the full YO! YO! DC;) Experience this week at Vimeo because Youtube cowered to bitch ass Chief Keef ! But the audio podcast still kicks much ass !

Recorded on 9/07/12 – Captured Live on Ustream at
Chief Keef vs Lupe Fiasco<<< click right mouse button and save as to save to computer or phone

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* Chief Keef Sparks Beef with Lupe Fiasco / Impromptu Video Battle !
* BOA tries to EVICT LGBT pastor- PROTEST!!
* the feds wanna put artist Shepard Farley in Jail for LIFE for Grafitti
Drew peterson is GUILTY!
* Teenage Girl Gang Raped On Cruise Vacation gets REVENGE !
* 92 year old WWII Vet gets to kill once more in comfort of own home !

2FM : “Africana”
Bryan Gee & J-Messinian : “Dubstep song of the week”
Die Antwoord : “This is why i’m hot”
K-Beta : “R.U.N.(Rob You Now)”
Lupe Fiasco : “Freedom ain’t Free”
Chief Keef : Gargabe ass rapper who’s shitty song I thankfully can’t remeber.

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