Redskins 2012 picks Hopsin vs. Uptown XO, Shadowman Boogie vs. Ziplok

First we battle two great rappers videos LA’s Hopsin’s “Ill Mind of Hopsin 5″ vs. DC’s own Uptown XO “Errrybody” to see which song would get onto our Ipod.

Its football season so its time to place our bets on or against the Redskins and since none of use know shit about football its really based upon team names, colors, logos, etc.

Then we have Another rap music video battle ! Tampa FL Ziplok with this newest entry “Excuse me” vs. Miami FL’s own Shadowman Boogie with “The Game I Choose”.

Ms. Smurfette’s news starts a lil awkward because EMI has banned us from using her theme song anymore and Ackshun explains the cease and desist e-mail he got but then its all in as we laugh our way thru some horrible horrible news with absolutely no good news especially not since kids with down syndrome are getting shot on the first day of school in Baltimore and there’s now a male birth control pill :(

Enjoy !

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* Fuckery at the Republican National Convention
* FLOODING in New Orleans again !
* They SHOOTING – Baltimore HS return to school with a BANG !
* DC Restaurant closes- owner involved in DRUG Trafficking but didn’t pay RENT ??
* Birth Control for MEN ??
* DEATH by Escalator – young Texan fan dies.

Hopsin : “Ill Mind of Hopsin 5″
Uptown XO : “Errrbody”
Ziplok : “Excuse me”
Shadowman Boogie : “What I Did”

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