Legitimate Rape

On this Video Show / Podcast we’re gonna take a lil time to give ya an update on all the big changes going on here at YO! YO! DC;)  We catch up on sports- the Washington Nationals, our pitcher Zimmerman and their recent LOOSING streak. Metro (DC’s public train system) strands Nationals fans after a delayed game which leads to Ackshun’s FUCK METRO rant,  and School is BACK in session!

Last but way way way far from least Ms. Smurfette is comin’ strong with the news including a story on Ackshun’s Alma Mater, the now infamous fraudulent Art Institute, the evil Pope orders his Butler to stand trial, Legitimate Rape and the idiocracy that is the known as the Republican party and a Mother/Son TAG team.

NEW dope music by local  artist K-Beta, and a very special skateboarding video by DC’s own Darrin Harper and some great old music too !

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Recorded on 8/27/12 – Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/yoyodc
Legitimate Rape<<< click right mouse button and save as to save to computer or phone

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*US Federal Government sues Art Institute for 11 BILLION in fraud !
*Paul Ryan /Todd Akin – Leigitimate Rape and no more abortions ???
*VATICAN orders Whistle blowing BUTLER to STAND TRIAL
*Mother/Son TAG team STEAL MILLIONS from Toys R Us

K-Beta : “Pakistan”

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