JUNE TEENTH the musical: From Freedom to Freedumb

YOYODC.COM ‘s Ackshun Jackson & Dance Dealer have put together an awesomely funny, offensive, and quite thought provoking  musical tribute to EMANCIPATION DAY aka JUNE TEENTH 1865 aka the day the last slaves in America found out they were free three years after Abraham Lincoln issued Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862.  The spirits of former slaves, Malcolm X, and JJ Walker are called upon for this musical masterpiece. So sit back and ENJOY THE SHOW !… hell you might even learn sumthin ;) JUNE TEENTH the musical <<< Right Click and save as !

??? – Pick a Bale of Cotton
Ice Cube – “US”
??? – Working for whitefolks all day
Sublime - “Don’t Push”
Marcus Visionary – “Change Gonna Come”

Wikipedia’s June Teenth Page
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