Ms. Smurfette’s FaceBook wall post leads to an official YOYODC.COM DICK PIC CONTEST ! Ackshun goes all Pervy Sage on Miley Cyrus fine ass self ! Bruno the sound guy makes it to show 2, and we got 2 brand new world premier songs to drop on our peoples from Benny Stixx and Heavy Grinder ! Ms Smurfettes DICK PIC CONT<<< Right Click Mouse & Save As to Dload to your Computer

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* Washington Man punches 10 yo in the face at movie theater.
* 20 year old woman rapes boyfriends 9 year old son.
* Calvert Maryland HS Boy suspended for dressing like a slutty girl.
* Man and two sons found dead manure pit in Kennedyville Maryland.
* 4 Tons of Marijuana found floating off southern California Coast.
*Mother uses daughter to shoplift and leaves her in jail when she gets caught.
*Tampa Florida woman gets 20 years for firing a warning shot.
*Escaped Zoo Penguin is still alive in Tokyo Bay.

* Jim Parsons star of Big Bang Theory comes out gay in NY TIMES.
* DC’s Crack Smokin’ ex Mayor pretends to apologize for racist Asain statements.

Off Spring – “Pretty Fly”
Logic – “We Get High”
Benny Stixx – “B-more club can’t be stopped” feat. TT
Heavy Grinder – “DEMENTED AGRESSION” HG Dub ReFix

MS. SMURFETTE’S DICK PIC CONTEST !!! Clits and Titts welcome:
Text them to YOYODC: 703-786-9997
or email them to her via Facebook… if your really brave just go ahead and post them on her wall !

We will be setting up an 18+ email verification on YOYODC.COM this next week and then we will be posting them and critiquing them. So go to YOYODC.COM and register via E-mail. Then go and subscribe in Itunes and leave 5 starts and any ol fuckin’ comment especially good ones… AND LET THE GAMES BEGIN !

btw. Ladies & Guys this is a perfect way to get back at an EX or some other dumb bitch who’s sent you(or maybe your man) dirty pics in the past. Just send us their pics. Fuck it… ITS ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT !!!

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