LOVEY DOVEY DANCE ISH is DJ ACKSHUN JACKSON of YOYODC.COMs long lost mixtape that he made for his ex-bitch who he caught cheating on him in a 3some with a midget. This mixtape hasn’t be heard for about 3 years, was never released, and is an masterful display of DJ ACKSHUN JACKSON’S uncanny ability to mix sexy ass drum & bass and pop and rap flawlessly. LOVEY DOVEY DANCE ISH is a must for all the ass shakin’ ladies out there… which means the gays and straights with taste will appreciate it as well.

“Every painful relationship produces great art ! This mixtape is proof !”
<3 – A. son of Jack !
Right Click 2 Dload Lovey Dovey Dance Ish

Graphic by Dirty Shanks Cards !!! go to their website and buy some cards ! their funny and better prices than Halmark and THEIR ORIGINAL and tell the Truth !

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