NO TAGS is what YOYODC.COM got to offer in this ep of our fine show ! Smurfy is back with us this week and actually doesn’t agree with Ackshun on moving Black History Month to June. Cousin Josh stops in to give us a rant on entitlement and explains drama that went down outside the studio after we recorded the last show. We respond to Dark Hater’s question: “What type of Black History Month is this?” Last but def not least we check a segment from our good friends at Dirtbag Radio called: Putting a Child Molesters on BLAST !…enjoy !
<3 – A. son of Jack !
“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Which ain’t much. But keep it that way.”
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* On Feb 6th in 1891 the first car jacking was committed when old west finest white outlaws
Dalton Gang commits its first train robbery.
* On Feb 6th in 1911 the GREATEST WHITE PRESIDENT TO EVER LIVE President Ronald Reagan was born.  In a matter of fact lets get a lil’ word from our president about race relations.
*THE BEATLES came to America’s grand shores in feb. of 1964

* LA Radio Host Suspended for telling the truth
* Bobby Brown show his ass… again
* Cali Fed Agent Shot by coworker during work in fed building
* Chink Joke about NY KICKS Jeremy Lin gets ESPN editor FIRED !
* 12 yo LA girl walking around naked eating outta the trash
* Kids getting sex changes
* Howard Stern adopts artist David Choe as his son


SKAM? – “Runnin”
Skrillex – “Kill Everybody”

St. Killian Beer Tasting @ Harry’s Reserve Thurs Feb. 23rd 5pm – 8pm
Droppin Science w/ John Bowen of Video Killers every Thursday @ Science Club
Acoustic Tuesdays @ Blue Banana Hosted By Bomani Armah
KLUTE @ Ust Music Hall Wed Feb. 29th by 3D Productions

Dirtbag Radio Show
One Love Massive

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