THE BLACKS GET JUNE ! White History Month is now in Feb. Ackshun & Cousin Josh layout YOYODC.COM’s blueprints for this huge change to come in American Holidays. Valentines Day should be every day according to Josh and is the best day to get strange booty according to Ackshun. We gotta couple great White History Month facts for ya and a music WORLD PREMEIRE of a BANGIN Bmore Club song feat. President Obama from Club Music Master and friend of the show Benny Stixx and his cohort DJ Fubu. All this, cold grits and we try not to talk too bad about Pooky Houston… enjoy !
<3 – A. son of Jack !
“didn’t I tell ya I was back?… well. I wasn’t lying. let the good times roll.”
the blacks get june right click and save to your phone or computer

* On feb 14th Brilliant Business strategist & Chicago Crime Boss Al Capone pulled off what is known as The St. Valentine’s Day Massacare. Where in great white american fashion he took out his liquor distribution services competition with machine gun fire dressed as police officers.
* On feb 15th Another great moment in White History Month happened when Walt Disney Studios released its Classic Cinderella.
* And Most importantly on feb 4th a Great Great Great white man who didn’t take shit from Indians, Blacks, or British Whites General George Washington was elected the first President of these fine United States.
— Heres a couple more reasons besides cold and babies conceived on Valentines Day that blacks are happy to move their history month from feb to june.

* on Feb. 6th in 1820 the first Freed U.S. slaves departed on a journey to Africa… where they’d never been before and knew no one.
white people were better for freeing them & chances are they never made it to africa anyways.
* Black Tennis great Arthur Ashe died of AIDS in 1993 on that day as well… and he didn’t even get it fucking he got it from a blood transfusion. WEAK
* and finally in 2010 the 19th of feb the downfall of the great black golf star Tiger Woods at the hands of his SUPER WHITE and ugly wife for extramarital affairs in.


Benny Stixx & DJ Fubu – “Let’s Stay Obama”
Jim Croce – “Photographs and Memories”

4 comments on “THE BLACKS GET JUNE and other WHITE HISTORY MONTH FACTS with Cousin Josh

  1. Next up: “Jewish History Month”! Then comes “Asian History Month”, followed by “Arabian History Month”, “Indian History Month”, “Polynesian History Month”, “Eskimo history month” and heck, why not? “Catholic History Month”, etc., etc.. Everyone ought to have a “month”. We’ll just make more months if we need to. Who said there can only be twelve months?

  2. American history month : wars , drugs , hate and shit ! Is the american supremacy ! Fuck the USA , the racist , criminal and imperialistic country in the world and history ! All yankee have privilege and power , alla yanke have the privilege of be yankee and colonialist and the world suffer for gult of the ignoirant , racist and imperialistic yankee people ! Yankee , white , black , jew or latino , have all privilege , have all power , yankee destroy the other land in the world !

    For peace , for destroy alla racism abolish yankee privilege , abolish yankee people ! Yankee dont’t exist , USA dont’exist , is a social construct for the power of the most shit and stupid people in the world : the supremacist of the world ! USA USA motuherfucker yankee of USA bitch ! Free world is a world whitout yankee supremacy and whitout USA ! For freedom , America return America indian , and smash yankee criminal imperialist ! ABOLISH YANKEE POWER , ABOLISH YANKEE RACE !

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